I found myself daydreaming about a future house. So I might as well type it here while I'm not doing much.

  • At first I was imagining a flat, but then it somehow became a 2 floor house. In my head right now? but who knows it might go back to one floor as I write this blog
  • I might basically live on the first floor of my house. The 2nd floor might just be my play place.
  • First floor first. I've been imagining myself living in a flat for a long time now so I basically imagine all of my stuff in one place.
  • But today I was imagining my future house to feature somehow a place like this
  • I know. Japanese styled again. but hear me out. It's not exactly like this, I just want a small balcony of some sort on one side of the house with Japanese sliding doors and screens on the balcony itself. Why screens? Mosquitos will definitely try to get me so I better get screens I imagined myself lazing around on this kind of area someday. Not exactly in Japan. hopefully this would be on the east side of my house. The sun always greeting me good morning I guess?
  • I wanna share that for a long time I've been imagining myself living at a flat or a condo and I imagine it like an LDK. I have a specific one I am thinking of because of a movie I remember but I don't remember the title of the movie. I'll do my best to describe it here
    • I won't bother with a room because I'm planning on living alone, my bed would be in somekind of elevated platform
    • Somehow the house would only be divided by closets or something similar
    • I think the smallest area in my house would be the kitchen/dining. I'm thinking I'll just have a standing dining room. I have this image in my mind that I might most probably eat most of the time at the living room or the balcony.
    • As much as I want to not make my house not too Japanese I also had this image of a kotatsu in my living room. aia. not sure. Who knows?
  • Somehow security is a bit of an issue now. Now that I think about it my house is a little too open o.o What do I do?
  • I'm kind of torn now I feel like I'm a little too lazy to want a second floor.
  • I'm thinking if I have a lot of lot space maybe I'll just make my house a bit tall for a 1 floor house and just have an elevated area where I can do my stupid things. or even workspace as well if I ever plan on making myself work at home again. Who knows?
  • My plans for the 2nd floor are still the same. Some space I can goof off. yoga, work, consoles. I don't know I want a place like that.
  • I googled for a good elevated bedroom image. I like this one. maybe even let the bed be on the floor of the platform.
  • I might have a fusion of Japanese and modern really.
  • Oh my Gob I just remembered watching 君はペット. Maybe a bit like that? Who knows? hahaha.
Sorry for making this weird post I'm just really sleepy and I wanted to write this daydream of mine. I ended up adding a bit more now that I googled some pictures. Who knows? haha I wish I can make these come true :)


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